In public agencies and courts:

Representation in court: pass the protection of its interests to the professionals

After independence, the Ukrainian legislation is constantly evolving and changing, which leads to contradictions and conflicts in law.

Not every citizen is able to understand all the nuances of a judicial procedure, it is necessary to properly prepare the documentation, to represent all the subtleties of the problems in the institution and control the execution of the ruling. In this regard, the more relevant becomes the question of delegation of asserting their rights to the legal profession.

For some cases you can make

representation of interests in court

In our company you will receive specialized support in solving problems in instance of any level in accordance with the category and specifics of a particular situation.

In our expertise these things:

  • Civil

Conflict resolution involving property, credit, land, family and labour disputes, as well as address the issue of inheritance.

  • Administrative

The resolution of the conflict between a citizen or business entity and organ of state power, solving complex tax and customs situation, recovery of damages, fines or debts, and so on.

  • Economic

Assistance in resolving insurance and financial conflicts, difficulties in relationships between business entities, disputes between employer and employee, protecting the rights of consumers.

  • Criminal

The services of a lawyer and the lawyer in court and pre-trial investigation.

We propose to trust the competent professionals who are at the professional level will be able to solve the issue, both in state and municipal or other authorities and organizations, as well as to individuals and to legal entities.

Centre for Legal Assistance «Ratum»:

actions aimed at a favorable outcome!

When you contact our call Centre on representing your interests in court, you will receive a qualified attorney specialization. He will be able not only to build a competent strategy of behavior, but also to gather evidence that helps you win in the process.

For maximum efficiency and effectiveness of a lawyer, performs the following operation:

  • Defined goal of the client, analyzed and explored all the nuances, formed the legal position.
  • Studied the existing regulatory legal acts and other documents.
  • Prepared and served a statement of claim, petition, settlement agreement, opinion or other documents of a procedural nature, which can be useful.
  • Training and direct participation in legal proceedings.
  • A decision and monitor its implementation.

Centre for Legal Assistance «Ratum» ensures

successful representation of interests in court

In accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, to delegate its authority to maintain the process can not only individuals but also companies and citizens who conduct business activity, and businesses and organizations.

The protection of their rights and freedoms with the assistance of a lawyer greatly increases the chances of a positive outcome. Thus, you have the opportunity to achieve the most favorable outcome and to participate actively in the process, continuing to carry out their work. This decision will save not only time but also money, because a competent defender will be able to calculate in advance all costs and eliminate unnecessary.

Representation of interests in courts

in case of any difficulty

If you are in a difficult procedural situation and do not know how to solve the issue in their favor — our experts are always at your disposal! We thoroughly approach to the solution of issues related to the judicial process, so don't worry, trust us, and we will provide a positive result!