Services that you can get the Centre for Legal Assistance «Ratum»:

Competent legal services

in Kharkov, in the Center of «Ratum»

The current legislation of Ukraine is constantly changing and expanding, introducing new reforms and regulations, so people without special knowledge in the field of jurisprudence are not able to fully understand all the subtleties and nuances. This is the reason why the experts in the legal field are becoming more popular. Their experience and knowledge may be needed in the most simple circumstances, accidents, divorce, insurance or taxes.

Centre for Legal Assistance «Ratum»:

operational services of lawyers in any situation

The Centre's priority is only for the client and solving its problems. Professionals never stand still in our practice we use not only the accumulated experience of the scheme, but also innovative methods and creative solutions.

How difficult would not be the situation — you will be able to solve it with our help. We work in various directions:

  • Family business

Help in resolving issues of divorce, child custody, alimony, paternity, and other aspects.

  • Housing issues

The situation with the residence permit, possession of housing, land plots, assistance in the preparation of documents.

  • In the industry of administrative law

The participation of a lawyer at any stage of the proceedings on administrative violations, appeals, petitions, statements.

  • Provide medical counsel

Protect both doctors and patients. Help in obtaining compensation present in court.

  • Customs dispute solved

Clearance, settlement of disputes with customs.

  • Citizenship and migration

Citizenship, of the permanent or temporary residence, we represent clients in the migration services, as well as we represent foreign citizens in government bodies.

  • The case of an accident

Provide services of a lawyer in Kharkov in difficult circumstances on the road, driving to the scene, negotiating and collecting evidence.

  • Criminal prosecution of any complexity

We can get protection of the accused, suspect or witness during pre-trial investigation and trial with a qualified lawyer to win the process.

  • Legal support of business entities

We will provide your business with comprehensive legal support and protect from unlawful actions, tax authorities or other state authorities.

  • Operational advice on any issue

You will get comprehensive guidance on each area of law.

  • The information security of businesses and individuals, as well as the creation of an integrated security system

We have professionals in many fields, which provide not only business support — we will create a system that in the privacy of your information no one can encroach.

In addition to the above, the services of a lawyer in Kharkov from our company cover the full assistance in the preparation of statements, claims, complaints and other appeals, and in addition, you can request to scientific and practical insights on the use and interpretation of the law.

The best protection of the interests, rights and freedoms!

In the formation of the state to become the victim of unlawful actions of both private persons and state bodies, it becomes more real. We will help you understand and show you how to behave, protect you and your family.

We do not impose their proposals. After studying your case and the case files we will find the most optimal ways of solving the issue in your favor, and every step will be agreed with you. The Centre's goal is not to sell services to law firms, and to assist the client and get a reasonable result.