20 april 2017
How to act during the search? In the current criminal procedure code of Ukraine provides for such investigative action, as search. The only basis for the search is the ruling of the investigating judge. To carry out a search of dwelling or other possession of a person entitled by the investigator or the Prosecutor. Therefore, if you have come about the search, you first need to demand the ruling of the investigating judge.
10 april 2017
Inheritance by will. What you need to know? The Civil code of Ukraine stipulates that the inheritance happens in two ways: by law and by will. A Testament is the personal order of the individual in the event of his death. The liberty principle of the will. It means that the testator is entitled to bequeath its property to any person.
05 april 2017
The poor condition of roads: to fight or to accept? Come spring... Began to melt the asphalt road... But the drivers is not fun... the Quality of the road surface with every year more and more disappointing... The question arises: is it possible to repair the damage caused to the drivers for the poor condition of the roads?
30 january 2017
Our team Legal professionals of the Ratum Centre successfully practice in various areas of the protection of legal interests of the clients, including in the settlement of disputes between the largest companies in the territory of Ukraine.
28 january 2017
Business and personal security The main task of the Ratum Centre is a comprehensive and professional legal servicing of our clients in all areas of life, as well as the provision of a special kind of services: the provision of business and personal security systems.
16 november 2016
Now open! Our Centre for Legal Assistance “Ratum” was opened on November 14, 2016. The opening was attended by all experts and visitors of the center.